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How China is poised for marine fisheries reform

As global fish stocks continue sinking to alarmingly low levels, a joint study by marine fisheries experts from within and outside of China concluded that the country's most recent fisheries conservation plan can achieve ...

Investing in fisheries management improves fish populations

Research published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that successful fisheries management can be best achieved by implementing and enforcing science-based catch or effort limits. The ...

Obama creates world's largest marine protected area

President Barack Obama on Friday expanded a national monument off the coast of Hawaii, creating a safe zone for tuna, sea turtles and thousands of other species in what will be the world's largest marine protected area.

A multispecies approach to fish management in the North Sea

As fish overexploitation becomes more and more of a concern, stakeholders are constantly looking for novel resource management strategies and more accurate forecasting techniques. The GADCAP project has made an important ...

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