No second chance to make trusting first impression, or is there?

In business, as in life, it is important to make a good first impression and according to research at the University of New Hampshire a positive initial trust interaction can be helpful in building a lasting trust relationship. ...

Bare-faced cheat: Women 'better at hiding infidelity'

You can't hide your lying eyes: scientists have revealed that women can judge whether a man is likely to be unfaithful just by looking at his face but men are less able to spot a cheating woman.

Study indicates college students prefer casual dress

Articles and books are continuously written suggesting how to dress appropriately. However, Quang Ngo, a recent University of Arkansas honors graduate from the Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences, has ...

Curiosity's second day on Mars 'flawless': NASA

NASA rover Curiosity's second day on Mars went "flawlessly," NASA said, confirming the antennas, communication links and generator on the $2.5 billion robot are all working well.

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