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Can AC protect against wildfire smoke?

As climate change increases the severity and frequency of wildfires in North America, experts say many Americans are at risk of experiencing one in their lifetime. But even more may be affected by the unhealthy air quality ...

NASA-led mission to map air pollution in 3D over megacities

This summer, as wildfire smoke blankets large swaths of North America and heat-stoked summer haze reaches its seasonal peak, NASA and its partners are deploying several new tools to observe air quality and pollution from ...

Air pollution via wildfire smoke takes toll on labor markets

Wildfires emit large amounts of smoke containing harmful pollutants that can drift for hundreds or thousands of miles away from their source, as shown by this summer's Canadian wildfires, which created air quality problems ...

Fine-tuning air pollution models

Air pollution doesn't affect everybody the same way. And in a new study, researchers developed a method to improve estimates of how, within cities, different communities are exposed to fine particulate matter (PM2.5).

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