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Five mosquito myths and one truth that really bite

Nothing kills a hammock hangout, Sunday hike or backyard barbecue faster than the stealthy blitz of the mosquito, those vampires of the insect world that strike fast and leave red, itchy bumps—or worse—in their wake.

Microbe discovery could halt malaria transmission

A microbe that is transmitted between male and female mosquitoes but can also block reproduction could be key to controlling malaria by targeting its release into mosquito populations, a study says.

Invasive weed could fuel malaria transmission

An invasive weed could escalate the spread of malaria in East Africa after scientists found new evidence that it creates a favorable breeding ground for female mosquitoes, which transmit malaria.

Sterilizing skeeters using CRISPR/Cas9

Mosquitoes are one of humanity's greatest nemeses, estimated to spread infections to nearly 700 million people per year and cause more than one million deaths.

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