For couples, negative speaks louder than positive

After a long day, a couple cuddles together while watching a favorite show, taking comfort in each other's touch, scent and voices—until one partner makes an insensitive comment. Will the comment be quickly forgotten, or ...

Workplace gossip can benefit employees and employers: Study

New research from Binghamton University, State University of New York shows how some workplace gossip could reduce the likelihood of employee turnover and, as a result, potentially boost an organization's effectiveness.

Q&A: Polarization in the Netherlands actually is not that bad

Discussions about important societal issues, whether they relate to domestic or foreign affairs, on the street and in academia, seem to be intensifying. The heightened tone, personal attacks, and polarization are characteristic ...

This desk is mine: How noisy offices can make us more territorial

From colleagues chatting about their weekends or having intense phone conversations, to email alerts and loud tapping on keyboards, the evidence that open-plan offices take a toll on our well-being continues to mount. There's ...

Study examines what drives good deeds

Every day, we face a series of opportunities to do the right thing. Sometimes we seize those moments; other times, we don't. So, why do we make these choices, and what drives some people to take the moral high ground?

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