Criminal history strong indicator for future violent crime

A life sentence in many states rarely means offenders will spend a lifetime behind bars. In fact, offenders sentenced for murder served just 15 years on average before initial release from state prison, according to a recent ...

Artificial intelligence gets its day in court

Last september, the ACLU filed an amicus brief in a California case that brings to a head a controversy over the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence in criminal law.

In court, gruesome details equal harsher punishment

( —In court arguments, the less gruesome the description of a crime, the less likely the punishment will match U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines, according to researchers at Duke University.

NY judge wants to hear victims in cyberbully case

(AP) -- A judge delayed the sentencing of an eyewear website operator who intimidated customers, saying he first wants to hear testimony from dozens of victims who reported they were threatened with violence, including murder ...