Fierce winter storm in US seen tapering off

A fierce and deadly winter storm that wreaked havoc in the southern and central US and blanketed the East Coast in snow was forecast Friday to start tapering off.

Millions endure record cold without power; at least 20 dead

A winter storm that left millions without power in record-breaking cold weather claimed more lives Tuesday, including three people found dead after a tornado hit a seaside town in North Carolina and four family members who ...

New report charts path toward superior earthquake recovery

For the last century, seismic building codes and practices have primarily focused on saving lives by reducing the likelihood of significant damage or structural collapse. Recovery of critical functions provided by buildings ...

Vog forecasting critical during new Kīlauea eruption

The recent eruption activity on Kilauea has prompted renewed efforts by the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa's Vog Measurement and Prediction (VMAP) Project. The team's focus is to create forecasts of dispersion and trajectories ...

A mobile flood tool for the nation unveiled

The U.S. Geological Survey announced Friday the completion of a new mobile tool that provides real-time information on water levels, weather and flood forecasts all in one place on a computer, smartphone or other mobile device.

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