Eyewitness identification reforms not always supported by data

California is often a trendsetter on public policy. But when it comes to reforming the way law enforcement agencies and courts handle eyewitness identification evidence, the state may have benefited from a more cautious approach, ...

Author Grisham laments bad courtroom science

Best-selling crime author John Grisham told lawmakers that faulty science is all over the US justice system, and urged nationwide improvements to forensic techniques.

Appeals court orders new trial in Brocade case

(AP) -- A federal appeals court has tossed out the criminal conviction of the first Silicon Valley executive to go to trial in a stock options scandal that triggered charges against at least a dozen executives.

Exonerations correct only a small fraction of false convictions

(PhysOrg.com) -- Criminal justice scholars often say that the true number of innocent people convicted of crimes is unknown—in fact, unknowable. A new University of Michigan study challenges that belief in one important ...