New method captures facial details at high fidelity and real time

Forehead wrinkles that rapidly deepen and crow's feet that appear suddenly around the eyes might distress the average person, but the ability to quickly and realistically incorporate such details in a facial reconstruction ...

3D printing is now for patients, not patents

Dr Chris Sutcliffe from the University of Liverpool School of Engineering reacts to the news of a facial reconstruction carried out using 3D printing:

French King Henry IV's head stars in forensic dispute

Doubt - and a reportedly royal severed head - haunts a murky corner of forensic science these days, as researchers squabble over an unearthed packet of mummified remains thought to have belonged to King Henry IV of France.

'It's not like CSI': The science of the search for Richard III

DNA testing, environmental sampling and radiocarbon dating are some of the tests being undertaken to determine whether the skeleton found in Leicester was once Richard III - and there are also plans to do a facial reconstruction.