Researchers make virus-fighting face masks

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute researchers have developed an accessible way to make N95 face masks not only effective barriers to germs, but on-contact germ killers. The antiviral, antibacterial masks can potentially be ...

Researchers unmask the environmental impacts of COVID-19

A new study has found face mask litter increased by 9,000% from March to October 2020. It shows a direct link between national legislation and the occurrence of discarded waste that included face masks and other COVID-19 ...

Face masks help jurors tell lies from truth

High court juries can detect when someone is lying, even when they're wearing a face mask, according to new research analysis by the University of Portsmouth.

Mexicans hope for recovery of monarch butterflies

Communal farmers and butterfly guides are hoping for a rebound in the number of monarch butterflies—and tourists—at their wintering grounds in central Mexico after a bad year for both last year.

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