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Tropical birds could tolerate warming better than expected

Consider the globe, spinning silently in space. Its poles and its middle, the equator, remain relatively stable, thermally speaking, for the duration of Earth's annual circuit around the sun. The spaces between—Earth's ...

How climate change drives the spread of invasive plants

As the climate warms, the number of alien species on every continent is expected to increase 36% by 2050. Some alien species—that is, plants or animals that live outside their natural range—are invasive and can harm ecosystems ...

After intense predictions, what happened to El Niño?

After many predictions, on September 19, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology formally announced an El Niño for the summer of 2023/2024, several months after it had been declared by other international meteorological agencies.

Hot stuff: A new thermal pathway for a high explosive

TATB (1,3,5-triamino-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene) is an important explosive compound because of its extensive use in munitions and worldwide weapons systems. Despite its importance, researchers have been trying to understand its ...

Vietnam's 'rice bowl' cracks in monster heat wave

Southern Vietnam, including business hub Ho Chi Minh City and its "rice bowl" Mekong Delta region, suffered an unusually long heat wave in February, weather officials said Wednesday.

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