Agriculture plays key role in limiting climate change

When it comes to solving Earth's climate crisis, the agricultural and forestry sectors are some of the hardest areas to change, yet a new report suggests that these areas will play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

New book debunks myth of 'Dickensian poverty'

A new book reveals that the perception of 19th-century British working-class homes as being sparse and squalid is far from being universally true, and popular writers of the time, such as Charles Dickens, are partly to blame ...

A 'big push' to lift people out of poverty

A field experiment in India led by MIT antipoverty researchers has produced a striking result: A one-time boost of capital improves the condition of the very poor even a decade later.

Scientists produce new antibiotics by gene editing

Scientists have discovered a new route to produce complex antibiotics exploiting gene editing to re-program pathways to future medicines urgently required to combat antimicrobial resistance, treat neglected diseases and tackle ...

Progressive climate policy can reduce extreme poverty: study

Ambitious climate policies could reduce extreme poverty in developing countries if governments opted for robust taxes on emitters that were then fairly distributed to help the poor, new research showed Tuesday.

Historic snowfall chills Madrid slum to the bones

"We're not animals but dogs live better than us," sighs Lidia Arribas, who lives without electricity in a vast slum near Madrid where temperatures hit historic lows this week.

Impact of COVID-19 in Africa: A severe setback for development

COVID was late to arrive in Africa, with initial infection and death rates lower than elsewhere in the world. Community transmission is however now accelerating in most countries, with lack of safe water as a major contributing ...

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