Inactive proteases important for plant development

Climate change with its extreme temperatures and fluctuating precipitations is affecting agricultural land conditions and crop yields. Therefore it is essential to understand and improve the details of plant growth. Laxmi ...

Flooding in India's Bangalore after heavy rains

Indian tech hub Bangalore has been inundated by floodwater after torrential downpours that have killed scores of people across the country's south in the past few weeks.

What African countries got out of COP26

The 26th United Nations climate change conference, COP26, recently came to an end, having aimed to get countries united in the fight against climate change. Climate change issues are likely to hit African countries the hardest ...

Canada death toll set to rise as floods ravage Pacific coast

Canada is sending the military to help evacuate and support communities hit by "catastrophic" flooding, with the death toll expected to rise after record rainfall on the Pacific coast triggered a state of emergency Wednesday.

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