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EU consumers 'export' environment damage to Eastern neighbors

European Union (EU) consumers are "exporting" negative environmental impacts to their Eastern European neighbors, while keeping the bulk of economic benefits linked to consuming goods and services, a new study reveals.

Could Iceland feed Europe?

According to a new study led by Dr. Asaf Tzachor at Reichman University's School of Sustainability, the small country of Iceland can play a pivotal role in European food security, providing over 40 million Europeans with ...

Ozone layer: how the hole was plugged

In rare good news for the environment, a UN report confirmed Monday that the hole in the ozone layer that had been threatening Earth since the 1980s is shrinking.

China's population is now inexorably shrinking

China's National Bureau of Statistics has confirmed what researchers such as myself have long suspected—that 2022 was the year China's population turned down, the first time that has happened since the great famine brought ...