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EU seeks stricter controls on WhatsApp, Skype

The European Union will subject internet services like WhatsApp and Skype to similar rules that traditional telecommunications firms face, according to major reform proposals unveiled Wednesday.

dateSep 14, 2016 in Internet
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Europe's Apple tax grab to spur US reforms: Lew

Europe's order for Apple to pay 13 billion euros ($14.6 billion) in back taxes could provoke US tax reforms and a significant break for firms repatriating offshore earnings, US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said Monday.

dateSep 12, 2016 in Business
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Irish opposition attacks Apple ruling appeal

Ireland's opposition on Wednesday lashed out at a cabinet decision to appeal the EU's Apple ruling amid public support for the European Commission order to collect back taxes from the US tech giant.

dateSep 07, 2016 in Business
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