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Crucial role of electrical engineers in addressing climate change

How he found a way to work toward a clean energy future, as an electrical engineer, is precisely the insight that MIT professor Rajeev Ram shared with undergraduates, faculty, and graduate students who attended his Feb. 25 ...

Constructing energy efficient schools for the future

The EU SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE project has devised innovative solutions and designs that will allow for the creation of a new generation of highly energy efficient school buildings.

Buyer beware: Solar power may be missing key ingredient

Want to cut reliance on your fossil-fuel-burning utility, but don't have space for solar panels? Easy, the sales pitch goes, buy a share in the new "community solar array" being built on the outskirts of town.

Costa Rica boasts 99% renewable energy in 2015

Almost all of Costa Rica's electricity came from renewable sources this year, making it one of a few countries in the world to eschew fossil fuels in energy generation, the state electricity agency said Friday.

Coal demand slowly burning out, except in India, SE Asia: IEA

Global growth in coal demand ground to a halt last year for the first time in two decades, but India and Southeast Asian countries are keeping the dirty power burning despite calls to switch to cleaner energy, the IEA said ...

Nuclear power as panacea for climate change? Experts divided

As delegates at a Paris summit haggle over how to curb global warming, the role of nuclear energy in limiting climate-changing emissions is the subject of fierce debate between champions and critics of atomic power.

Wind turbines may reduce breeding success of white-tailed eagles

While renewable energy sources such as wind power will play an increasingly important role in climate change mitigation, new research reveals that the breeding success of species such as the white-tailed eagle can be significantly ...

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