Nations rally behind renewables at COP28 climate talks

Nearly 120 nations pledged to triple the world's renewable energy within seven years at UN climate talks Saturday as the United States pushed to crank up nuclear capacity and slash methane emissions.

Climate experts warn of fossil fuel tactics at COP28

Oil-rich Gulf states have positioned themselves as both champions of climate innovation and guardians of fossil fuel interests—a balancing act experts warn could derail action at COP28 in Dubai.

How can solar energy installations prioritize ecosystems?

Solar energy will be an integral part of a more sustainable future, but with current technology, generating the amount of power needed in Colorado alone would require using roughly the land area of Denver.

In Canada, deserted oil wells are environmental time bombs

With its flaking red paint, broken pressure gauge and cranks fallen to the ground, an oil well sits forsaken in western Canada, like tens of thousands of others that have been out of service for decades—but never plugged.

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