Innovation is widespread in rural areas, not just cities

Conventional measures of innovation suggest that only big cities foster new ideas, but a more comprehensive measure developed at Penn State shows that innovation is widespread even in rural places not typically thought of ...

Labor market effects of trade liberalization

Economists have long touted the benefits of free trade between individuals and countries as a pillar of human progress and a foundational principle of global society. While most experts argue that free trade is beneficial ...

New research shows immigration has only a minor effect on wages

Economic arguments against immigration often take two forms – immigrants either suppress the wages of workers, or immigration creates higher unemployment. But our research shows that the impact of immigration on the labour ...

Finding the rural allure for creative workers

Creative workers are more likely to be drawn to live in rural locations offering diverse physical landscapes and high socio-economic and cultural settings, according to new research.

US economy: Steady as she goes

America's economy will hum along its path of moderate growth, adding 4.7 million jobs through the end of next year, say University of Michigan economists.

Nonprofits a major source of employment growth globally

A new report from the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies reveals that nonprofit organizations are major employers and major sources of employment growth in countries throughout the world. The report draws on new data ...

Migration increases competition for low-skilled jobs

New research shows that since 2011, the number of jobs created in Australia was equalled by the number of new migrants who found employment, increasing competition in the jobs market.

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