Obama admin unveils new truck fuel standards

The Obama administration on Tuesday unveiled new fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty vehicles, which it said would both reduce carbon emissions and save drivers billions of dollars at the pump.

Questions and answers about US fuel economy standards

The U.S. government has issued a report on fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards for U.S. cars and trucks that were first established in 2012. The report Monday kicked off a two-year review process leading to a government ...

Paris entrepreneur's 2CV tours to go electric

The humble "Deux Chevaux", once ubiquitous in the French countryside, chugging down tree-lined roads—cue accordion music—is now more of a curiosity than a cheap and cheerful runabout.

Don't let VW scandal destroy your faith in car industry

The Volkswagen emissions scandal has shattered trust in the automotive industry the world over. After news broke that VW had knowingly circumvented US emissions regulations, shares in a number of car companies took a hit, ...

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