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COP27: Climate finance needs more transparency

At the 21st World Climate Conference (COP21) held in Paris in 2015, all countries agreed for the first time to limit climate change with their own reduction targets for greenhouse gases. Before that, only the developed countries ...

China's cities leading the way on carbon reduction

Thirty-eight Chinese cities have reduced their emissions of planet-warming carbon dioxide (CO2) despite growing economies and populations for at least five years—defined as proactively peaked cities, a new study reveals.

Cracking the code for selling into the developing world

Consumers in the developing world are some of the world's best customers - emerging economy markets have contributed more than half of the Coca-Cola Co.'s global revenue since 2006, and Mexico, China, and Brazil were the ...

Growing more with the same land

There are three main reasons why the productivity of existing farmland will need to dramatically increase in the next 40 years.

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