Fiji braces for Cyclone Sarai

Tropical Cyclone Sarai was bearing down off the coast of Fiji on Friday, with the archipelago's disaster agency warning some residents to move to higher ground ahead of possible flooding.

Indian Ocean island Mayotte on cyclone alert

Hopes rose Sunday on the small French Indian Ocean island of Mayotte, which has been on red alert for the arrival of Cyclone Belna, that a last-minute change of course might limit the damage.

Experts: Expect bigger, fierce wildfire in US West (Update)

There's a dangerous but basic equation behind the wildfire that killed 19 Arizona firefighters and other blazes raging across the American West this summer: More heat, more drought, more fuel and more people in the way are ...

Quake researchers warn of Tokyo's 'Big One'

A year on from one of the biggest earthquakes in recorded history, Japanese scientists are warning anew that Tokyo could soon be hit by a quake that will kill thousands and cause untold damage.

Tropical Storm Maria threatens eastern Caribbean

(AP) -- Tropical Storm Maria swirled toward the eastern Caribbean on Friday, threatening to unleash heavy rain and wind on islands still struggling to recover from a recent hurricane.

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