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Report: Chesapeake Bay health improves, but long way to go

Boosted by stronger fish populations, the overall health of the Chesapeake Bay improved some last year, but Monday's annual report card for the nation's largest estuary says there's still a long way to go.

Carnegie Mellon engineers develop fall-prevention sensors

Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering conducted a survey on falls among the elderly, and discovered that Americans are very worried about their elderly parent falling—and that this worry leads to action.

Google Glass: Paramedics' next tool

While Google Glass' potential as a consumer device remains to be seen, Lauren Rubinson-Morris is excited about its possibilities in her workplace.

Sensor system detects falls, calls emergency services

Single seniors lead a risky life: after a fall, they often lie on the floor several hours before their awkward predicament is discovered. A sensor system detects these emergency situations automatically and sends an emergency ...

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