'Landmark' study probes crucial phase of embryo development

An unprecedented glimpse of the human embryo at an early stage of development has provided critical clues on how undifferentiated cells become the specialized ones of which we are made, researchers reported on Wednesday.

Stem cell model for early human embryo development

The creation of cellular structures similar to blastocysts has enabled KAUST scientists to build an in vitro model that mimics the earliest moments of human embryogenesis.

Embryonic development in slow motion

Roe deer are among the few mammals whose embryos go into a particularly long period of dormancy. Using modern molecular methods, ETH Zurich researchers have shown for the first time exactly what happens to the embryo during ...

A 'tail' of two RNA regulatory systems

Messenger RNAs (mRNAs) are our cells' intermediaries as genes become proteins. In order for the instructions in our genes to be carried out, first their DNA sequences are copied into mRNA, and then that mRNA is used as a ...

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