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Visual observation of photonic Floquet–Bloch oscillations

Recently, the exploration of Bloch oscillations (BOs) in periodically driven quantum systems, equivalent to "Floquet systems," has drawn tremendous attention because their exotic characteristics are profoundly distinct from ...

Bacteria 'nanowires' could help develop green electronics

Engineered protein filaments originally produced by bacteria have been modified by scientists to conduct electricity. In a study published recently in the journal Small, researchers revealed that protein nanowires—which ...

Juice aces Callisto flyby test

Seven years from now, in April 2031, ESA's Juice mission will fly past Jupiter's moon Callisto, offering scientists a tantalizing glimpse at the mysterious, cratered alien world.

Elegant use of noise for quantum computing

Scientists around the world work hard to rinse quantum systems for noise, which may disturb the function of tomorrow's powerful quantum computers. Researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute (NBI) have found a way to use noise ...

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