Ivermectin could save the endangered Australian sea lion

Australian sea lions—a national government conservation priority species—have new hope for survival, thanks to a successful University of Sydney trial of ivermectin to treat hookworm infection.

Gd-doped nanoclusters help imaging of early orthotopic cancer

To realize precise diagnosis of early-stage cancer for effective treatment and better prognosis, high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is indispensable with the help of contrast agents. Iron-oxide-based T2 MR ...

Angry bees produce better venom

Researchers at Curtin revealed how behavioral and ecological factors influence the quality of bee venom, a product widely known for its effective treatment of degenerative and infectious diseases such as Parkinson's and osteoarthritis.

To adsorb or to do not adsorb? That is the question

Prolonged exposure to antibiotics increases bacteria's ability to defeat these drugs. When antibiotic-resistant bacteria cause infection, one option is to use a specialized virus phage capable of infecting specific bacteria ...

Visible hydrogels for rapid hemorrhage control and monitoring

There are many different events which may lead to excessive and uncontrolled bleeding within the body. This can occur as a result of inflammation and ulcerations, abnormalities in the blood vessels or trauma-related injuries. ...

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