Smart transfer rules can strengthen EU climate policy

"Fit for 55": under this heading, the EU Commission will specify the implementation of the European Green Deal on 14 July. This refers to the more ambitious climate policy announced, with 55 instead of 40 percent emission ...

Global study confirms influential theory behind loss aversion

A new global study offers a powerful confirmation of one of the most influential frameworks in all of the behavioral sciences and behavioral economics: prospect theory, which when introduced in 1979, led to a sea change in ...

Opinion: More aid to consumers urgently needed

A significant pillar that has prevented more drastic declines in consumer sentiment has been the widespread belief that the coronavirus crisis will be temporary. Consumers provided dismal assessments of current economic conditions ...

Carbon pricing may be overrated, if history is any indication

A common demand in discussions about climate change is to respect the science. This is appropriate. We should all be paying close attention to the urgent and terrifying conclusions being published by climate scientists.

Fatal flaws in UK Government's price of a life

The measurement by which the UK Government attaches a monetary value to saving a human life is invalid and should be overhauled, according to Professor of Risk Management at the University of Bristol, Philip Thomas.

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