Legal framework for transborder data flows needs improvement

The benefits of transborder data flows on the Internet are being underestimated. We need a more coherent system for the transfer of personal data across national borders, argues Christopher Kuner. He calls on governments ...

GE says 'Industrial Internet' could be worth trillions

Connecting industrial operations to the Internet could lead to significant gains in productivity, potentially worth $10 trillion to $15 trillion globally, a study by General Electric said Monday.

Economists find kinship networks play key role to access credit

In times of financial hardship, or when opportunities arise, the ability to borrow can be critical. Some people rely on commercial lenders, while others depend on relatives, especially in developing countries. But a new study ...

Bioenergy—The broken promise

Biofuels are going to save us from climate threats and the oil crisis, while at the same time providing an opportunity to the smallholder farmers of the world. Hopes are high, but completely unrealistic. It is like trying ...

Why Curiosity matters

Adam Steltzner doesn't sound much like an ordinary engineer. 

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