Water-polluting anxiety drug reduces fish mortality

A drug that is commonly used to treat anxiety in humans and which regularly finds its way into surface waters through wastewater effluence has been shown to reduce mortality rates in fish.

Research: It's more than just the science

When putting together a team of scientists to work on a problem, it makes sense to bring together the best and brightest in the field, right?

Are trees in Central Europe defying climate change?

Over 200 researchers from Europe and around the world are currently meeting in Zürich to share the latest findings on the topic "Climate Change: Tree responses in Central European forests". One key question is this: How ...

Ecologist overthrows generally accepted principles in ecology

(Phys.org) —Contemporary ecological theory assumes that differently sized individuals in a population are equally efficient in their use of food resources. Still this is only true in a very exceptional case. It is much ...

Shorebirds prefer a good body to a large brain

In many animal species, males and females differ in terms of their brain size. The most common explanation is that these differences stem from sexual selection. But predictions are not always certain. A team of researchers ...

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