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Study ties fracking to another type of earthquakes

New research confirms fracking causes slow, small earthquakes or tremors, whose origin was previously a mystery to scientists. The tremors are produced by the same processes that could create large, damaging earthquakes.

Fiber optic cables detect and characterize earthquakes

In California, thousands of miles of fiber optic cables crisscross the state, providing people with internet. But these underground cables can also have a surprising secondary function: they can sense and measure earthquakes. ...

Hundreds of quakes in Iceland spur volcano warning

Some 2,200 earthquakes have been recorded in the area around Iceland's capital Reykjavik the past 24 hours, signaling that a volcanic eruption could be imminent, the country's weather office said Wednesday.

Researchers categorize foreshocks for large earthquakes

Seismologists agree that foreshocks are the most widely identified signal of an upcoming mainshock earthquake. But do these foreshock sequences have distinctive characteristics that separate them from aftershock sequences, ...

Campi Flegrei volcano edges closer to possible eruption

The Campi Flegrei volcano in southern Italy has become weaker and more prone to rupturing, making an eruption more likely, according to a new study by researchers at UCL (University College London) and Italy's National Research ...

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