Central star in a planetary nebula reveals details of its life

Stars like our sun end their lives as white dwarfs. Some of them are surrounded by a planetary nebula consisting of gas ejected by the dying star shortly before its death. An international research team led by Professor Klaus ...

Webb locates dust reservoirs in two supernovae

Supernovae, the explosive deaths of stars, are some of the universe's biggest bursts of energy and light. When they erupt, one supernova can shine even brighter than an entire galaxy.

NASA reveals Webb telescope's first cosmic targets

NASA said Friday the first cosmic images from the James Webb Space Telescope will include unprecedented views of distant galaxies, bright nebulae, and a faraway giant gas planet.

Dying stars could seed interstellar medium with carbon nanotubes

Evidence suggests that carbon nanotubes, tiny tubes consisting of pure carbon, could be forged in the envelopes of dust and gas surrounding dying stars. The findings propose a simple, yet elegant mechanism for the formation ...

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