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Sandstorms pose serious risk to human health

Sandstorms have engulfed the Middle East in recent days, in a phenomenon experts warn could proliferate because of climate change, putting human health at grave risk.

India awaits dust storms to fight scorching heat waves

Dust storms are unpleasant but they appear to be the only relief on the horizon for people in northern India sweltering under temperatures that have already crossed 44 degrees Celsius and are expected to climb higher as summer ...

Sahara desert dust coats swathes of Spain

A mass of hot air from the Sahara desert dumped dust on large parts of Spain including Madrid on Tuesday, colouring the sky orange and coating cars and streets.

Researchers discover what happens on the bright side of the moon

Researchers from HSE University have developed a mathematical model that explains the levitation of charged dust particles over the sunlit lunar surface for almost any latitude. For the first time, the model takes into account ...

Is new finding an asteroid or a comet? It's both

The newest known example of a rare type of object in the Solar System—a comet hidden among the main-belt asteroids—has been found and studied, according to a new paper by Planetary Science Institute Senior Scientist Henry ...

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