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Q&A: Experiencing the solar eclipse from an animal's perspective

Awe, amazement and wonder are a few of the reactions humans have to a solar eclipse. The extremely rare occasion of being in the path of totality—where the moon's disk completely blocks the sun for a few short moments—captivates ...

Elucidation of proteins controlling the sleep and awake transition

Professor Hiroki Ueda, Assistant Professor Daisuke Tone, Lecturer Koji Ode, and Qianhui Zhang (4th-year graduate student at the time) at the University of Tokyo showed that CaMKIIβ, a predominant protein kinase expressed ...

New supergiant fast X-ray transient discovered

An international team of astronomers reports the detection of a new supergiant fast X-ray transient with the Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image (MAXI) instrument. The newfound transient, designated MAXI J0709−159, was identified ...

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