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Crop roots enact austerity measures during drought to bank water

With a growing world population and a changing climate, understanding how agriculturally important plants respond to drought is crucial. New work from a team led by Carnegie's José Dinneny discovers a strategy employed by ...

Measuring drought impact in more than dollars and cents

The standard way to measure the impact of drought is by its economic effect. Last year, for example, the severity California's four-year drought was broadly characterized by an estimate that it would cost the state's economy ...

Palau declares state of emergency over drought

Palau became the latest Pacific island nation to declare a state of emergency Wednesday, as the region struggles with an extreme drought that forecasters warn will not ease for months.

New report assesses impacts of drought on US forests

A new U.S. Forest Service report, edited in partnership with Duke University, projects that drought will have far-reaching impacts on U.S. forests and grasslands in coming decades.

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