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Smart mud to smooth the way for drilling wells

A model that simulates how drilling fluids, or muds, behave and influence the stability of oil wells has been developed by KAUST researchers. Their findings could inform new safety protocols and the design of novel drilling ...

Image: Curiosity's arm over 'Marimba' target on mount sharp

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover began close-up investigation of a target called "Marimba," on lower Mount Sharp, during the week preceding the fourth anniversary of the mission's dramatic sky-crane landing.

First-ever deep-drilling expedition to the Baltic Sea launches

Starting in September 2013, the Baltic Sea will be the scene of a unique scientific expedition. The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) will set out drilling deeper into Baltic Sea sediments than ever before, all the ...

Can bacteria combat oil spill disasters?

Teams of international scientists have decrypted the effectiveness of two types of bacteria, which could be used in the future to help combat oil spill disasters. According to a report written by scientists from the Helmholtz ...

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