'Demon oil' on the defensive over climate change

At the dawn of an era scientists have dubbed the Anthropocene, driven by human impact on the planet, the energy industry's four-yearly gathering was forced onto the defensive on climate change.

Promising drilling tool

An innovative new oil-drilling tool concept has seen the light of day.

Scientists underestimated potential for Tohoku quake. Now what?

The massive Tohoku, Japan, earthquake in 2011 and Sumatra-Andaman superquake in 2004 stunned scientists because neither region was thought to be capable of producing a megathrust earthquake with a magnitude exceeding 8.4.

Hankering for molecular electronics? Grab the new NIST sandwich

The sandwich recipe recently concocted by scientists working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology may prove tasty for computer chip designers, who have long had an appetite for molecule-sized electronic components ...