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Google Trends foretells stock movements, study reports

Google Trends, a tool that looks at patterns of searches on the Internet, is a potential money-spinner for investors as it provides hints of impending stock movements, a study said on Thursday.

US stocks rise sharply in Black Friday retail rush

U.S. stocks rose solidly on Black Friday, the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Traders were encouraged by positive economic news from Germany and China, two engines of global growth.

Hackers cause stir with 'Obama injured' AP tweet

Hackers spooked markets Tuesday after breaking into the Associated Press's Twitter account and falsely reporting President Barack Obama had been injured after two blasts at the White House.

Syria's online troops wage counter-revolutionary cyber war

Sometimes, attacks in Syria's bloody civil war start not with a bullet or a bomb blast, but with an innocuous-looking email. A message pings into an inbox, apparently from a friend or colleague. The recipient clicks a link, ...

What does Wall Street's recovery mean to Main Street?

( -- The Dow Jones Industrial Average, among the world?s most closely watched stock indexes, closed above the 10,000-point mark last week for the first time since October 2008, a milestone that made news around ...

Microsoft raises dividend 23 percent to 16 cents

(AP) -- Microsoft Corp. said Tuesday it is raising its quarterly dividend for the first time in two years in a move that will return more of the software maker's nearly $37 billion cash hoard to its shareholders.

Cisco CEO's pay fell by third, same as share slump

(AP) -- Cisco Systems Inc. CEO John Chambers saw his pay package fall by nearly a third in the company's fiscal year that ended in July, a period when the company's shares dropped by about the same amount.

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