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'Sticky waves'—molecular interactions at the nanoscale

Like the gravitational forces that are responsible for the attraction between the Earth and the moon, as well as the dynamics of the entire solar system, there exist attractive forces between objects at the nanoscale.

Chemistry researchers develop metal complexes to study cancer

University of Kentucky Department of Chemistry researchers Edith Glazer, Sean Parkin and students Erin Wachter and Diego Moyá recently published a study showing that specialized compounds containing the metal ruthenium may ...

DNA-based electromechanical switch demonstrated

A team of researchers from the University of California, Davis and the University of Washington have demonstrated that the conductance of DNA can be modulated by controlling its structure, thus opening up the possibility ...

Hierarchical self-assembly of supramolecular muscle-like fibers

The macroscopic movement of our muscles is caused by the collective movement of "biomolecular motors". Scientists and engineers have long been trying to imitate this process. French scientists have now come a good way closer ...

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