KIMS develops a functional antibacterial/antiviral additive

A research team led by Dr. Chang Su Kim at the Department of Nano-Bio Convergence of the Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) developed a material that gives antibacterial/antiviral properties without changing the ...

An invisible keyhole via transparent electronics

Hard times for burglars and safecrackers: Empa researchers have developed an invisible "keyhole" made of printed, transparent electronics. Only authorized persons know where to enter the access code.

A materials science approach to combating coronavirus

Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology working in collaboration with colleagues at the Kanagawa Institute of Industrial Science and Technology and Nara Medical University in Japan have succeeded in preparing a material ...

COVID-19 virus survives on surfaces within thin film

How does the COVID-19 virus manage to survive on surfaces? To find out, researchers in India are exploring the drying times of thin liquid films that persist on surfaces after most respiratory droplets evaporate.

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