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Do small gifts to donors increase charity appeal ROI?

Researchers from John Carroll University and University of Kansas published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that investigates how recipients respond to charities' pre-giving incentives to determine if they are worth ...

Molecular dispersion enhances quasi-bilayer organic solar cells

In the last couple of years, organic solar cells (OSCs) based on non-fullerene (NF) acceptors have demonstrated tremendous progress in power conversion efficiency (PCE). The majority of state-of-the-art OSCs in the lab is ...

How nonprofits can boost donations using the marketing mix

Researchers from University of California Irvine published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that finds that marketing mix elements mitigate sacrifice, which serves to engage individuals in the donation task and thereby ...

New device identifies high-quality blood donors

Blood banks have long known about high-quality donors—individuals whose red blood cells stay viable for longer in storage and in the recipient's body.

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