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Host-generalist mistletoe exhibits high level of outcrossing

Mistletoes are a group of aerial semi-parasitic plants that provide valuable food resources and nesting sites for many vertebrates, mainly birds. Previous studies reported that Dendrophthoe pentandra, a mistletoe with a broad ...

Dispersion coding of ENZ media via multiple photonic dopants

Media with small permittivity, i.e., the epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) media, have drawn a great deal of attention from the fields of physics, materials science, and engineering. The wavelength in ENZ medium is in principle infinitely ...

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A dispersant or a dispersing agent or a plasticizer or a superplasticizer is either a non-surface active polymer or a surface-active substance added to a suspension, usually a colloid, to improve the separation of particles and to prevent settling or clumping. Dispersants consist normally of one or more surfactants, but may also be gases.

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