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Large droplet sorting now possible at high speeds

Bioengineers from UCLA and University of Tokyo have significantly increased the speed at which large liquid droplets, potentially containing individual live cells, can be sorted intact and in bulk.

Antibodies eye mosquito-transmitted Ross River fever

Ross River fever is a mosquito-transmitted disease endemic to Australia and surrounding Pacific Islands. There is no specific treatment or vaccine for Ross River virus (RRV) infection, which causes rash, fever and debilitating ...

Study the effect of long-term oxygen deficiency

Researchers at LuleƄ University of Technology have developed a method to study how muscle cells in the blood vessels of the lung permanently contract because of long-term oxygen deficiency. This phenomenon leads to increased ...

New method captures early viral-host protein interactions

More than 70% of all viruses known to cause human disease, including the one that causes COVID-19, are RNA viruses. They invade the body by hijacking the internal machinery of cells. Yet little is known about how viral RNA ...

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