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Albania must enact reforms to combat sex trafficking, study urges

(—Despite a number of measures undertaken by the government in Albania to curb sex trafficking, rigorous comprehensive legal and social reforms are needed to address the practices that perpetuate it, a new study ...

Researchers discuss study of the everyday response to racism

An African-American man in New York gets on an elevator with a group of white men, one of whom proceeds to tell a joke that includes blacks and monkeys. What happens next? In this case, the black man struggles to keep his ...

China's new tech giants show old bias with porn stars

E-commerce giant Alibaba sought job applicants with porn star attributes and other tech firms host adult video starlets: China's new economy powerhouses are not immune from old-style sexism.

Blindness groups, ASU settle suit over Kindle

(AP) -- Two organizations representing the blind have settled a discrimination lawsuit against Arizona State University over its use of Amazon's Kindle e-reader device.

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