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New 'little bitty' dinosaur discovered in North Texas

Scientists from the Perot Museum of Nature and Science recently named a newly discovered species of a plant-eating dinosaur, suggesting the animal once used to roam eastern North America more than 96 million years ago.

Chinese paleontologists find new fossil link in bird evolution

Birds descended from theropod dinosaurs by the Late Jurassic, but our understanding of the earliest evolution of the Avialae, the clade comprising all modern birds but not Deinonychus or Troodon, has been hampered by a limited ...

Newly identified theropod dinosaur had strange hands

A team of archaeologists and paleontologists affiliated with several institutions in China, working with a colleague from Italy, has identified a new species of theropod dinosaur with strange hand features. In their paper ...

Museum scientists describe and name 351 new species in 2022

From research trips to remote locations, to combing through the 80 million objects held in the Museum collections, each year scientists are adding to this extensive library of life. While many of these species will already ...

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