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Why you should pay attention to fly vomit

New research from the University of Massachusetts Amherst concerning "synanthropic" flies—or the non-biting flies that live with us—argues that we need to pay far more attention to them as disease carriers. While epidemiologists ...

Lemur gut isn't one ecosystem, it's many

A jungle. A rainforest. A wetland. A wilderness. Researchers have used various metaphors to describe the complex, interconnected community of microbes (most of them bacteria) living inside your body, and all over it too.

Fish are being increasingly exposed to endocrine disrupters

Microplastics, owing to their chemical properties, can carry micropollutants into a fish's digestive system where they are subsequently released through the action of its gastric and intestinal fluids. EPFL scientists, working ...

Bacteria adapt syringe apparatus to changing conditions

Some of the best-known human pathogens—from the plague bacterium Yersinia pestis to the diarrhea pathogen Salmonella—use a tiny hypodermic needle to inject disease-causing proteins into their host's cells, thereby manipulating ...

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