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Analysis of court transcripts reveals biased jury selection

Cornell researchers have shown that data science and artificial intelligence tools can successfully identify when prosecutors question potential jurors differently, in an effort to prevent women and Black people from serving ...

Bilingualism as a catalyst for social development in children

SUTD researchers delve into the bilingual experience and its impact on children's context-sensitive perception of trust, offering insights into how language diversity can enrich and benefit children's social-cognitive development.

Book examines classroom dialog across language and culture

Teacher talk seems intuitive—the expert imparts knowledge onto novices, who passively receive expertise like a car or machine receives parts at every station on an assembly line. In reality, an effective teacher in an era ...

Database stores names for family members in 1,200+ languages

The words different cultures use to describe family members have revealed some intriguing insights—including why in Balto-Slavic languages there is a complicated relationship between in-laws and weasels.

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