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Examining the sensations experienced when reading poetry

In addition to searching for the meaning of poems, they can also often be described through the emotions that the reader feels while reading them. Kristiine Kikas, a doctoral student at the School of Humanities of Tallinn ...

New bird app spreads its wings

Researchers from The University of Queensland have helped design an app to protect birds at risk of extinction across the world by breaking down language barriers between scientists.

90% of medieval chivalry and heroism manuscripts have been lost

New research released today finds that while the Knights of the Round Table have won global fame, most medieval English heroic or chivalric stories have been lost. Meanwhile, more than three quarters of medieval stories in ...

Exploring Indian genetic heritage in present-day Thailand

A new genetic analysis reveals novel insights into the genetic heritage of people living in Thailand in the present day, which suggest the potential importance of past migrations in spreading Indian culture to the region. ...

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