Scientists track charge in future fuel cell material

Scientists have mapped the movement of charge through a designer material for the first time by using a combination of X-ray and neutron techniques. The material, known as a metal organic framework or "MOF", has been designed ...

Scientists provide new insights into gene regulation

A team of researchers led by the University of Leicester has shed new light on how the regulation machinery that controls gene expression works by characterising a complex known as the NuRD complex.

Researchers discover new way of 'locking up' radioactive material

Researchers at The University of Manchester have discovered that an iron oxide mineral, hematite, reacts with radioactive neptunium to 'lock it up' within its structure. This could have profound implications for the environmental ...

Team synthesizes georgeite for first time

An international group of researchers has synthesized an extremely rare mineral and used it as a catalyst precursor to improve two reactions that are of great importance to the chemical industry.

UK science leads the way in nuclear research

The UK's synchrotron science facility, Diamond Light Source, is a hub for renewable energy and energy recycling research, but less well known are its applications as a hub for nuclear research. Work in this area is transforming ...

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