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Chinese scientists help Africa combat land degradation

Chinese scientists released an online tool, the Great Green Wall Big Data Facilitator, to help African countries combat increasingly severe land degradation on June 16, the 28th World Day to Combat Desertification & Drought.

Advancing transparency and building trust in biodefense

A team at King's College London, led by Dr. Filippa Lentzos from the Department of War Studies, has used sociologically informed research and stakeholder engagement to strengthen global efforts against biological weaponry.

UN: 18 nations have gone green on climate, raked in green

Proponents of clean energy and thinks tanks have long said it's possible to reduce emissions and keep an economy growing. Now the latest report from the world's top climate scientists says 18 countries have done just that, ...

Tomatoes of equal quality with less irrigation water

Researchers from the University of Seville have analyzed the impact of irrigation reduction on tomato crops. Their results show that deficit irrigation caused no significant changes in the commercial quality of the product ...

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