Finding superconductivity in nickelates

The study of superconductivity is littered with disappointments, dead ends, and serendipitous discoveries, according to Antia Botana, professor of physics at Arizona State University.

Ag3PO4 catalyst facilitates propylene oxide electrooxidation

There is a great need for the green production of propylene oxide (PO) due to its high industrial value. The electrooxidation of propylene into PO has aroused the interest of scientists because the process can be conducted ...

Simulating matter on the nanoscale with AI

In a paper published today in the scientific journal Science, DeepMind demonstrates how neural networks can be used to describe electron interactions in chemical systems more accurately than existing methods.

Researchers put AI to work making chemistry predictions

As chemistry has gotten more advanced and the chemical reactions more complex, it's no longer always practical for researchers to sit down at a lab bench and start mixing chemicals to see what they can come up with.

Shining light on excited-state dynamics in perovskite materials

Through a close collaboration between experimentalists at University of California Berkeley and theorists in Los Alamos's Theoretical Division group T-1, the Center for Nonlinear Studies (CNLS), and Center for Integrated ...

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