Climate: which nations, cities most at risk?

A third of humanity, mostly in Africa and South Asia, face the biggest risks from climate change but rich nations in northern Europe will be least exposed, according to a report released Wednesday.

Zimbabwe to hand out 5 mln energy-saving bulbs

Zimbabwe's electricity authority is to hand out 5.5 million energy-saving flourescent bulbs to its consumers in a bid to curb consumption, a state daily newspaper reported Monday.

Rare mountain gorilla twins born in Rwanda

A mountain gorilla in northern Rwanda gave birth to twins, a rare occurrence for an endangered species which counts fewer than 800 individuals, Rwandan media reported Monday.

Mountain gorilla population grows

The population of mountain gorillas in their main central African habitat has increased by a quarter in seven years, regional authorities said Tuesday.

Norway the best place to live: UN

The United Nations on Thursday named oil-rich Norway as the country with the best quality of life, while Asia has made the biggest strides in recent decades.

'Extinct' frogs haven't croaked -- scientists

Delighted conservationists announced on Wednesday they had found two species of African frog and a Mexican salamander that had been feared to extinct.

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