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Final images before Aeolus's demise

International regulations on space debris mitigation set a limit on how long a satellite should linger in orbit once its mission is complete—it mustn't be longer than 25 years.

Unraveling a paradox of Himalayan glacier melt

One in five glaciers on Earth are covered with a layer of rocky debris. The presence of debris influences how glaciers melt. In the Himalaya, debris covers most large glaciers, and it is so thick that it should insulate the ...

Aeolus reentry: The breakdown

After a remarkable life in orbit, Aeolus is out of fuel and out of time—it's returning to Earth this week. Planned and built before any regulations were put in place on "end-of-life" disposal, the Earth explorer was designed ...

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Debris (pronounced /ˈdeɪ.briː/, /dɛˈbriː/) is a word used to describe the remains of something that has been otherwise destroyed. Debris is pronounced with a silent s and a long e. The singular form of debris is debris.

Depending on context, debris can refer to a number of different things.

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